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Graduate Attributes and Institutional Core Values

The goal of the K to 12 curricula is to holistically develop Filipinos with 21st century skills. The development of learners' cognitive competencies and skills must be complemented by the formation of their values and attitudes anchored on the Vision, Mission, and Core Values of the Philippine School.

Godly Character – PSians show adherence to ethical principles by upholding truth, respect, righteousness, kindness, and humility to become men and women for others.

Global Mind – Demonstrates the openness to and coherent consciousness of diversity across cultures; develop their intercultural competence in understanding people’s complex differences; and empathize with the various cultural characteristics of people which is a prerequisite to permeate the global parameters to foster cooperation and harmonious relationship.

Patriotic Spirit – Demonstrates pride as their country’s ambassadors of goodwill to instill the spirit of giving back to the nation the pride and honor of their identity and patrimony as free, independent, and responsible citizens.